UCC Decides: An Objective Analysis And Prediction Of Who Wins The SRC Presidential Race



SRC elections in universities across the country have taken over the timelines on most social media platforms recently and it is the turn of the university of Cape Coast. Campaign activities on campus have been anything but unexciting. This year has seen a lot of surprises, from ladies taking gigantic steps in not only filing for positions but proving beyond qualms they stand a greater chance to win positions which were predominantly deemed to be for only Gentlemen. Again the most competitive of all the contests is the position of the Secretary and not the SRC Presidency.

Yesterday at ATL FM -105.1, all the aspirants read their manifestos to the discerning listeners. The astute voters or better still, the individuals who make up the community of intellectuals, are highly commended to vote based on salient and feasible policies across the various political positions being contested but is this reality?

To help us analyze and predict the result of today’s election, I sit with John Amegashie, a level 400 MBB student and a seasoned political strategist in the University of Cape Coast. John predicts who will win the ultimate contest and who he thinks amongst the two contesting for the SRC secretary, will emerge victorious.

Team Democrats

For me the position of the SRC is his to give away. Why? The trend on campus has always been more about the voters’ subjective analyses of the candidates, which most of the time transcends policies. He has the backing of most students now and given the kind of resources available to him, I see him doing very little with the talk of policies. Again, coming from a school where Hall affiliations do count in such events, it’s only right to predict he is going for victory, given that for the past three years, only Casford hall affiliates have gone on to be SRC presidents. But I must honestly admit he would not stand a chance had the elections been based solely on policies.

Team Sosi

He laughs. Mr. nice guy. He is the incumbent SRC PRO and given his political background this would have been No contest for him. However, the current administration like any other one, has come under serious criticisms for doing relatively little to champion the cause for which they were voted for by majority of the student. How will this affect Sosi? His campaign has been to nullify popular perception of him wanting power to cover the wrongs – if there be any- of an administration he is an integral part of. So for me a No vote for me, he claimed.

NDC Allegedly Sponsoring UCC SRC Aspirant


Team Dennis

Wow, he says. Takes in a deep breath and says he is the only threat to team democrat. An exciting young chap and full of energy. He is also the incumbent president of Oguaa hall- the premier Hall in UCC. Why I think he might not win? His not winning is another one I think will be beyond policies because listening to him is always refreshing. However, it is more about the unofficial and unrecognized power battle between Casely Hayford hall and the Atlantic hall.

He’s however, trapped because Oguaa is an affiliate of Casford hall and so logically, he’s lost most ATL voters and Kwame Nkrumah hall is an affiliate of ATL so the mathematics add up, right? Above all is the stigma of being an incumbent executive which usually is marred with comments like ” w’edi biaa am obi ndi bi”. So for me if there will be a second choice for me of who I think will win, I’ll definitely go for Team Denis.

The Steward

The second coming of the English man who believes he has the best policies to win this election. I think it has been established that policies alone in their capacity cannot win election. If so, then what has he done to amass a greater number of voters than his first coming? I will say very little.

Probably the only major thing he has done is change his running mate and now he has a big woman with a lot. His teaser name is not close to the other three aspirants. However, in my experience in politics on UCC campus, I have seen students vote because of sympathy for failing to win an election and coming again.

That said, if he should win it most definitely will be for this reason but for me I do not see him winning.

Moving on to the most interesting and exciting contest of this year’s election, which is between Nana Yaa and Esi Dorinda, for the status of the SRC secretary? Two pretty and intelligent ladies face off in what could be described as the biggest competition in the SRC elections in the past 4 years. The Esi Agenda Esi Dorinda, to me, will win the election and go on to be the SRC secretary.

In my stay on campus these long 4years I have not seen a lady work this hard for the status of the SRC secretary before. Well maybe she has had one of not only the biggest but the loudest team in this year’s election. She might lose out to Adehye because that is where her competitor is from but I see her winning at most halls with some appreciable votes coming in from Casford.

However, she will be winning massively at the new site and might lose out old site to Nana Yaa. Therefore the victory margin might be very small. Nana Yaa, a proud Royal and Mariner in her own rights. I believe if Esi had an option to wish for her competitor, she would not have wished for Nana Yaa. She is probably the only one in this election to win at Adehye, Casford and Atlantic halls. If she should win the election today, will depend on the margin of votes she will lose out to Esi at Esi’s strong hold. Interesting how politics in the University of Cape Coast is right? Anyways this is just one side of the story to be told we would appreciate your view of the election this year that is going to win what?



NDC Allegedly Sponsoring UCC SRC Aspirant



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