Here Are 10 Things From Your Boyfriend’s Wardrobe You Can Absolutely Rock


Wrist Watch


Whether it’s a leather strap, metallic strap or the fancy Timex straps, Consider a men’s  watch the perfect starter piece if you intend to stack bracelets. This is an item you can wear everywhere, whether the strap fits perfectly or hangs loosely like a bracelet



You can pull off a blazer with jeans trousers, leather tights, leggings or jeggings. You could also wear it with a suit skirt or trousers or wear it over a cocktail dress. There are several amazing ways you can wear a blazer and several looks you can create with it. You could even crunch up the sleeves if the sleeves are a little too long.

White Shirt


Besides the cuteness of walking about your boyfriend’s apartment is his crisp white shirt  or the shame of rushing out of his apartment in the morning in his white shirt, you could rock a variety of looks in them.You could accessorize an over-sized white shirt, depending on how big, with a bit of jewellery and a belt or you could pair it with anything from ripped jeans to shorts or a tight leather skirt.



You could pick out an pair of loose jeans from your boyfriend’s wardrobe, preferably ripped and a bit faded, fold the ankles and hold it in place with a masculine belt preferable from his wardrobe too (wink). A pair of heels or sneakers with any blouse of your choosing is all you need to hit town looking stylish.



Rock a tomboy look with a sweat shirt or be daring enough to pair it with a mini skirt or shorts. It might have come from a boy’s wardrobe but it doesn’t mean you cant look girly in it.

Baseball Cap


A baseball cap is a very handy accessory especially when you have zero to minimal make-up on. If you spent the night with your man and you need to rush over somewhere without the I-just-woke up look on your face, you could borrow his baseball cap

Henley Shirt


Henley shirt with a pair of boots and jeans can easily convey a casual or edgy look. You could leave the sleeves long or crunch them up at the elbows.

T shirt


There are about a zillion things you can do with a T shirt, regardless of the size or color. You could get creative with one of your man’s T shirts or just wear it like a regular shirt.



Thanks to the new sneaker-volution, sneakers have moved from gyms and track fields to the streets and even runways. So if you have the same foot size as your man or his feet are a size or two bigger, you could step out in a pair of his Nikes or New Balances

Sweat pants


Sneakers are not the only clothing that left the gym. You can slip into your man’s sweat pants pair it with a T shirt or tank top and stride confidently to whereever you want to.


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