These Are The 8 Types Of People On Snapchat


Snapchat is quickly becoming the most exciting social media in Ghana. And while people  struggle to create an online persona that truly reflects who they are, others have found a personality that works for them. No matter who you are on Snapchat and which circles you are in, you definitely follow or are being followed by one of these people

Globe Trotter

There are some people who do not seem to stay in one country for more than a day. They snap from Pittsburgh at breakfast and are having lunch in Istanbul. By evening, they are looking out from their hotel window in Dubai.


Chef Chenko 

Some people are ALWAYS cooking! Every time they snap, they are either shoving something into or out of an oven or teaching you how to make pizza with corn flour. The next thing they do is teach you how to eat spaghetti bolognese like at Italian


Gym Taataa

Gym rats have taken their taunting to every corner of Snapchat. They snap bare-chested on the treadmill at 1pm and give instructions on how to keep a toned ab, as if normal people are not on lunch break downing kenkey with pork and suya at that time.


Walker Texas Ranger


Then there are those walking for the cure. Their snaps always show them walking from one point to the other, as if it is their one-man/woman campaign against cars and the fumes that destroy the ozone layer. They are always snapping their shaking behinds while they walk and their bouncing boobs while they walk… or their new sneakers and they never stop walking. Johnny/Joannie Walker


Horn Of Africa

There are snap accounts that are owned by ever-horny people. Every time you load their snaps, they are horny; dropping nudes, touching themselves, teasing their followers or molesting some fruit. They are always horny!


Reality Star


Some people especially in our part of the world where reality shows are not very popular, have turned their snap accounts into scripted reality shows where they live their scripted lives; drama et al and feature their friends and family Kardashian style.



snap t

This group of people are molesters and abusers. they misuse all the filters at their disposal, paying mind to what the filters are used for. The only reason they ‘snap’ is to try out filters




These people are on Snapchat because it is the only way to know who is where doing what. They want to see all the nudes that are being graciously flaunted on Snapchat and be in on all the rumour, trends and events on snapchat. Once a whole they post a photo of their new shoe or their pastor giving a sermon and that is all.


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