No Serious Casualties Were Recorded in UCC – Oguaa, Atlantic Hall Clash. Find Out Why.


Campus or Hall Rivalry has been a recurring problem over the years in almost all major tertiary institutions in Ghana. It hasn’t been too long that we heard of University Hall (Katanga) and Unity Hall (Conti) clash which led to injuries, police arrests and dismissal of students all on KNUST campus.

It was all fun over the weekend, as the occupants of the Oguaa Hall were celebrating their 54th Hall Week on UCC Campus [Old Site]. This brought students who were residents and non-residents [in the ‘diaspora’] as well as ‘affiliate halls’ like Casely Hayford Hall – Casford (UCC) and Ghartey Hall from University of Education (Winneba) together.

Everything was moving on smoothly till the residents of Atlantic Hall [ATL] decided to pounce on the Oguaa Hall residents as they tried to parade their ‘creativity’ in kingdom at the forecourt of Adehye Hall (Ladies). To them, they claim it was a revenge of what Casely Hayford Hall (Casford) did to them during the ‘PAWA Night’ of their last hall week celebration, which actually has a history of which hall is the real ‘SuperPower’ of the land and the battle over supremacy. Thus, the friend of my enemy, is my enemy theory.

According to the ATL hall residents, students from KNUST particularly Unity Hall (Conti) came to support them as they recently celebrated their Hall Week, but the Casford Hall which is their number one rivalry hall attacked to spoil the fun all in the name of; they are the ‘Superpowers’ and would not allow foreigners to come and have a free day without their consent. This caused the revenge that took place over the weekend as Oguaa, an affliate hall of the Casfordians celebrated their hall week, but this time around there was a visiting hall from University of Education (Winneba), Ghartey Hall which made the clash more dangerous.

An eye-witness and a campus correspondent told Kuulpeeps.Com that; both parties have witnessed such clashes over the years and were aware of the outcomes, so students were semi-conscious about this ending up in a tragedy or bloody event. ‘Everyone expected it to come so they were cautious from when the first stone was thrown in the air, till the last one landed’. They all run to safe places as it lasted for thirty minutes to an hour.

Apparently, it was just Atlantic Hall (ATL) misbehaving towards an Oguaa Hall affiliate (Ghartey Hall) over the claiming of supremacy at UCC (Old Site) but it ended abruptly without any serious casualties or injuries.

Source: Kuulpeeps.Com


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