GIJ To Combat Abortion And Promote Decency Through Pageantry


GIJ's End of semester Exams

The Ghana Institute of Journalism is fighting illegal Abortion and Promoting decency through its annual Face of GIJ pageantry.

The final event which is scheduled to take place on the 23rd of April will see ten ladies contest for the coveted crown.

This year, the winner will take home a total of two thousand cedis whiles the first and second runner ups take home thousand five hundred and thousand respectively.

According to organizers, the winner will become an Ambassador for Anti-abortion and descency campaign.

They say abortion is rife amongst the youth in the country and there is the need to fight it from its source, the youth.

The winner will be expected to hold seminars to educate students on the need for protected sex and also to avoid abortions among the youth.

It is expected that this campaign will help reduce the prevalence of abortion amongst the youth in especially, the various tertiary institutions.

They added that since the way one dresses speaks volumes about the person, it was prudent that they promote decent dressing among the youth.


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