NCA Answers Questions Pertaining To Why It Took OB TV, 8 Others Off Air


The National Communication Authority has explained why it took OB TV and eight others off air. In a statement, it addressed the grievances of many who had concerns as to why the stations had to go off.

Answering why some television channels have been taken off the Multi TV broadcasting platform, it said that according to Section 2(4) of the Electronic Communications Act, 2008, Act 775, “… a person shall not operate a broadcasting system or provide a broadcasting service without a frequency authorization by the Authority”.

Therefore, any person or entity seeking to operate a system for the provision of broadcasting services has to obtain an authorization from the National Communications Authority. Although it stated that Multimedia Broadcasting Limited has an authorization to provide Free to Air Satellite Television services, branded Multi TV, the NCA observed that over a period of time a number of TV stations were operating over satellite in Ghana in the Ku Band frequency (12522MHz on the Astra 2F satellite) without authorization from the Authority.

The NCA consequently directed that these stations be taken off the satellite, which is why we OB TV and eight others had to go.

On how the TV stations were broadcasting although it is illegal, it explained that the stations used a third party satellite infrastructure provider to send their programmes onto a satellite. This company, K-Net Ltd, provides services to some authorized broadcasting stations including Multimedia. They were consequently directed to stick to the terms of their license.

NCA also answered questions pertaining to when it took notice of the airing of unauthorized television stations as well as the number of stations affected

It says the stations were detected sometime last year and a notice was sent to the third party provider and the satellite company. A grace period amongst others was granted to them but they did not adhere to any of them.

Although attention has been on OB TV, as at 30th March 2016, the following 9 unauthorized channels have been affected:

  • Clive TV,
  • OB TV,
  • ECN,
  • Zoe TV,
  • BTA,
  • ATV,
  • Care TV,
  • Kessben TV,
  • Elijah TV.


Obinim’s OB TV, Others Taken off the Screens By NCA


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