This Is Why #EgyptAir Is Trending

egypt air

The world woke up to news that a plane has been hijacked and has landed at Larnaca airport in Cyprus.
The flight was an internal flight heading from the northern Egyptian city of Alexandria to the capital Cairo, Ihab Raslan, spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation, tells CNN.

Negotiations with the hijacker have resulted in the release of all passengers, except for seven crew and four foreigners, a statement from the Egyptian ministry of civil aviation said

Egypt officials skeptical of reports that passenger has explosive belt.

Egypt Air has been using their Twitter account to post updates

Here is a translation of their other tweets sent in Arabic

Egypt air plane was an Airbus 320 Flight 181, carrying 81 passengers and flying from Borg to Cairo airport reports a kidnapping case

The pilot reports the existence of a threat of a passenger having a belt in possession and forced the pilot to land in Larnakh airport in Cyprus

Actually landed at Larnakh and is negotiating with the kidnappers.

Press release: 2 Cairo 29 March 2016 negotiations with hijacker resulted in the release of all the passengers except cabin crew and five foreigners.

Updated: Remaining onboard the crew and four foreigners.


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