What The Part of KNUST That Doesn’t Care About #RepuHW16 Will Be Doing

As surprising as it might sound, there is a huge section of the KNUST campus that is over the Republic Hall Week hype. To them it’s just another loud event that will pass and go, only it makes the school overcrowded with all these people who come from outside the school to have a weekend of non-stop fun. So we caught up with a few of them to find out what their week was going to be like while they were avoiding the Epilogos and UABAs.


I’m breaking my fast on Thursday so I’m looking forward to that. I will go home for Easter on Friday and come back on Monday so I won’t be here for all the mess

– Selina, 3rd Year


I’m avoiding Repu hall altogether. It’s too much noise for nothing. I don’t go for parties anyway so I don’t know or care about which parties are happening here. I will stay in my room and catch up on Arrow.

– Agyeiwaa, Final Year


It’s not that I don’t care about Repu, I have just seen enough to know how all of it turns out so it’s not really fun for me. I’ve had three IAs this week alone so I just want to have peaceful Easter weekend and pray for my marks to rise like Jesus will on Sunday.

– Seth, Final Year


I’ve lived on campus since I was little so this isn’t my first Repu even though this is my first year. I’m going to Accra to see my boyfriend.

– Enu, First Year

About three of my friends are here from Accra but it’s not for Repu. We are going out into town to have our fun for the weekend and we are making sure we avoid all the Repu events. It’s more fun when we plan our own entertainment.

– Diane, Second Year


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