Do We Have To Wait Until Someone Dies?

A contractor began work on the main highway through Bibiani Township that links it to and from Kumasi and Sefwi Wiawso. By whatever means, only half of the work has been done.

The work started somewhere in August 2015. Seven months down the line, in March, 2016 and no one knows the whereabouts of the contractor. Some interview granted on a local radio station revealed that the District Assembly seems to have no hand or influence in the construction of these speed breakers.

An articulated truck tilted and fell on its side when it climbed one of the speed breakers when you are headed towards Kumasi from Sefwi Bekwai as shown in the picture:

The emptied container after the truck had fallen. Photo credit: Kweku Ananse

Luckily it did not land on any car or persons. Can you imagine the fatalities, should it have collided with another vehicle(s)? The location of the incident is right where passengers board buses to Accra from Bibiani.

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Sometimes you just don’t get it. Why should we always wait till tragedy happens before we act?


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