We Need A Reform To Make Graduates Entrepreneurial – Kwesi Ahwoi

With the current graduate unemployment rising in Ghana, Ghana’s High Commissionerto South Africa, Mr Kwesi Ahwoi, says the country’s tertiary education needs to reform in order to produce graduates who will be more entrepreneurial. According to him, the unfortunate part of our educational system is that almost every Ghanaian you meet wants the government to employ him or her. Education that trains you only to be in offices is definitely wrong, especially for a developing country like ours.

Mr. Ahwoi was speaking at the launch of the African Leadership University (ALU) in Mauritius. Mr Ahwoi, who is also Ghana’s Ambassador to Mauritius, said it was unfortunate that graduates in Ghana would rather form an association than to go out and start something. His reference was to the Unemployed Graduates Association of Ghana.

“If a graduate is unemployed and you are proud of being unemployed, then the whole of your education has been a complete waste”
To curb this, he called for a paradigm shift to a concept of university education which lays emphasis on integrating students’ learning with the real world, empowering students to take ownership of their learning and equipping each one to think entrepreneurial.

Kuulpeeps’ checks at the Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research (ISSER) revealed that about 200,000 unemployed graduates are in the country now.

The number is expected to increase this June when a new set of graduates come out.


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