Jeremie Shares The First Decision She Made After Giving Her Life To Christ


TV and Radio personality, Jeremie Van-Garshong, has revealed that the first thing she did after getting to know Christ and accepting him was stopping herself from sex.

According to her, although she was born into the house of a preacher, she never knew christ, hence leading a wayward life, indulging in fornication that was killing her soul.

“When I experienced God and took him as my Lord and personal saviour, the first thing I did was to drop having sex,” the TV/Radio personality said as she recalled her encounter with Christ. The live fm presenter who spoke to Stacy on Restoration recounted her life in the “world” and that of her current status.

She indicated that hitherto this period, she went to church because in her father’s house everyone was expected to go to church adding that she now knows better and that she will do all within her means to propagate the word of God
“I used to go to church because in my father’s house every individual was expected to go to church on Sundays. Those were the period I was working with 4syte tv. I go for programs and come the following day. I sleep for five minutes and my dad knocks at the door to tell me to get ready for church.I just followed without a purpose.”

Jeremie has, since her encounter with Christ, taken any platform she is provided with to enlighten the world about the goodness of God and the need to accept him Lord and saviour.


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