Frafra Names And Their Incredible Meanings

Culture is said to be the way of life of a group of people. In the Akan setting, babies are named on the eight day after their birth at the premises of the father. Children in the Akan setting are christened with names given to them by their fathers.

Children in the Frafra setting are also given names as an element of their culture. The frafras organise their naming ceremonies for their female children on the fourth day after birth whereas boys are given names on the third day after birth.

Names are an integral part of culture and helps make individuals unique from other individuals. Giving a child a name socializes the child into the physical world and incorporates him/her into the community and the larger family.

Today I bring to you five Frafra Names and Their Meanings that will fascinate you.

1Abaama- Dog’s mother


Not a terrible name if you’re a dog person.


Atampugre- Rubbish Dump


Maybe, it’s a good thing a lot of people don’t understand Frafra


Atiamah- Tree’s Mother


Do trees have mothers though?


Adukoma- Pot’s mother


Okay i’m sensing a theme here; these people really love their mothers.


Atangama- Rock’s mother


Forgive me. I couldn’t help myself!



  1. My name is Atuah the meaning is baoba
    According to frafra tradition they believe that if an elderly man or woman die he or she spirit exist so they will go to a susayer and ask where they can find the spirit exist and houner or worship, so they susayer then direct them the where are about of the spirit, either in the tree, the rock the river or any place.
    If a male child is born and the which indicates your father or mother is a rock they called him Atanga and if a female is born they called her Atampoga or Atangama


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