Konadu Rawlings, Elizabeth Ohene Rebuke Government Over Brochure Errors


What happened last Sunday was so embarrassing; this has never happened in the history of Independence Day Celebration before. Fifty nine years down the lane, Ghana is beyond such mistakes therefore it is very unpardonable. If you see the sort of things happening in the country, it is not surprising at all. We live in a mismanaged country


That was Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings when quizzed about her take on the error-ridden brochure at the 59th Independence Day celebration. The former first lady has always said that the government is incompetent, with this issue coming up, she has reiterated her point; saying that she feels vindicated.


The Acting Director of the Information Services Department (ISD), Mr Francis Kwarteng Arthur has said that he saw the errors but it was too late to print another set of copies. Ghana has been ridiculed by the International Media with recent one coming from the Daily Post.


In a related matter, Mrs Elizabeth Ohene, renowned writer and columnist of the Daily Graphic, has asked for the a detailed inquiry into the matter to find those responsible because such an action is unpardonable. In her column today, she opined:

Then the President might want to tell us how much it cost to print the brochure and who got the contract. Then we might discover who signed off and gave the go-ahead for the printing.

I would want to be told at which stage the presidential staffers discovered that the printed brochure was rubbish. I would like to know why copies of the brochure were distributed and not quietly taken away and pulped?

Kuulpeeps checks revealed that the Presidency is yet to release an official statement but the Information Service Department has gone back and forth on who is responsible.


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