I Don’t Want To Be Pretty-Wiyaala



Afro pop singer and Song writer, Noella Wiyaala says she does not want to look pretty.

According her, it has taken people time to accept why a young woman like her have decided to cut her hair instead of wearing a long hair but said she is however not deterred by that because she is not here for beauty.

Wiyaala who was speaking in an interview on Bolgatanga-based a1radio said she believes in producing good music for the consumption of the masses rather than thinking of her appearance.

“I am not here to look pretty or beautiful but rather to produce good music so forget about my hair and just enjoy yourself with my music. It is about the music so if you don’t like my hair and you enjoy my music I don’t have a problem. After all, people listen to radio regardless of how old it is, if it produces quality sound, one will continue to listen.”

She noted that the Ghanaian definition for beauty is when a woman has long hair and long nails but to her she was created with a short hair with a hole in-between her teeth and she wants to remain like that.

“I don’t want to be pretty pretty pretty according to the Ghanaian definition.It doesn’t mean that I am not pretty. I am born the way I am with my short hair and hole between my teeth so if I want to keep it I don’t see any problem with that.”

The singer from Funsi in the Upper West region added that she does not need a long hair to be beautiful because she believes she is, adding that since her man has not complained, she is cool with her brand.

She admonished her followers to forget about her hair and her face and rather enjoy her work since it is the most important thing.


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