DJ Vyrusky Releases 1957 Mix; A Musical Journey From Independence Till Date


DJ Vyrusky who won Best Club and Events DJ at last year’s Ghana DJ awards and has been nominated for Best DJ for this year has proven once again why all the hype about him is worth it. From his show stopping performance at last years’ Tigo Music Unplugged, he has been shot into the limelight and is easily one of the best young DJ’s in the country.

The mix which was released as a tribute to Ghana’s independence journey covers from E.T Mensah through obrafuor, TH4 kwagees, TicTac and over 20 other musicians. It comes in two volumes of over an hour each and is made up of over 30 songs. The mix defies the expected chronological order and comes out as the playlist of a mature and masterful ear. It plays a lot on nostalgia and brings back the groove of past years that have been long forgotten or altered beyond recognition.

1957 is a musical journey that highlights a much forgotten aspect of the independence commemoration. It begins with Ghana we now have freedom and ends with… well, it never really ends. It is a chronicling of the evolution of music as Ghanaians know it and it never stops.

Check it out here