The Good, Bad And Ugly At The Celebration of Ghana’s 59th Independence Day

The 59th Independence Day Celebration was such a colourful one. It looked well planned and coordinated but like every event, it had bad and ugly sides

For the good part,  the President, John Mahama, gave one of the best speeches he has given in a very long time and a splendid display of our traditional wear by the first couple. Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta was obviously impressed with the female dispatch riders as well. The humor from the actors who marched was great.

However, there were a few happenings at the event which were not great. Ten students collapsed during the event. The heat and the stress from marching under the sun is said to have caused it but they are fine now.

ambulance at independence
Great thing was that ambulances were available to carry these students to the hospital


Journalists who were conveyed in a Tipper truck also caught the attention of Kuulpeeps. Security at the ceremony was very tight as a result of the threat from earlier in the week. As such, journalists were packed into a tipper truck to take pictures and cover the event. It was a disgrace for the organisers.



There were also errors in the brochures which were shared. It said President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenyatta was the President of Ghana.


But for these few things, the event was a great one.

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