I am very proud to be a Ghanaian. There have been times leaders and elders in our communities have misguided us to believe it would’ve been better to be a citizen of some other country. Now am grown enough to see the lies in believing that somewhere else is better than home, Ghana!

There is certainly nowhere like home. 59 years of no civil war, only wisdom war. At least let’s pop some champagne to that. Home sweet home. This is my only fervent prayer;

“Father, creator of all things, thank you for blessing me with the citizenship of the greatest country I could ever be in. thank you for blessing us with 59 years of peace and prosperity. Father, I beseech thee, we have only one thing I think we left in heaven. Wisdom to see who our real enemies are. First it is ourselves. God please teach us to stop choking each other as soon as we get in a position that merit that others’ progress depend on our actions and inactions.

Please my father, secondly help our leaders to teach the coming generation that our second enemies are the guys who came here in ships years ago. They killed our first president whom if alive today, would’ve been marvelous. Father, you teach us to forgive for which we forgive them but will never forget the aftermath of his overthrow till date because it stares us in the face.

Help us to realize all the lies they’ve told us when they realized people like Lumumba, Nkrumah, Gadhafi and others could free us from their leech-like attitude of only sucking our blood. God haven’t they killed enough of our prophets while we stand aside and watch? Teach us to grow above their system in which when you have to get some food, your brother has to be your enemy.

Restore unto us the wisdom with which our forefathers built the pyramids and read stars. Thank you God, Allah, Onyame, for an answered prayer.

Amen! ’’


God bless Ghana!

Ok. I’m weaving my web.


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