Why Leila Djansi’s Call For Abraham Atta To Relocate Should Be Taken Serious


In her post titled “LOOKING FORWARD TO GHANA AT THE OSCARS … ONE DAY”, Leila Djansi has called on Cary Fukunaga to relocate child actor Abraham Atta to the States because she believes his career can not be sustained in Ghana.

Kuulpeeps looks at how actors and actresses with Ghanaian descent have fared outside as opposed to those who are based in Ghana. Here are a few actors/ actresses who have recognized in Hollywood; a show that Leila Djansi’s call show be taken serious by Abrahama Atta’s handlers.

Peter Mensah (300 Spartans & Spartacus), Ato Essandoh  featured in Django Unchained, Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Vampire Diaries and Spartacus) and Idris Elba who co-starred Beast of No Nation with Abraham Atta.

None of the Ghana based actors have reached the heights these people have reached. As such, handlers of Abraham Atta should consider Leila’s call if they want the young actor to reach great heights.


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