Here Is Why Jeremy Van-Garshong Left Yfm and 4syte TV

TV and Radio personality, Jeremy Van-Garshong has  revealed the reason behind her move Yfm and 4syte TV to Live FM.

Her move from Global media alliance shocked the media fraternity and her fans who thought the silky voice’s move from the station was bad for her career. Some blamed it on the offer she was made by the handlers of the then live fm.

But in an interview with Stacy on Restoration, the live fm presenter disclosed that her move in 2012 to live fm was ordained by God.

She indicated that at the time, she was going through a transitional period when she was giving her life to the course of God, mentioning that she had to follow the voice of her maker because she was going through a period of self cleansing.

When I decided to give my life to christ, I had to make some sacrifices because I had to choose between God and world. As part of my cleansing process, the Lord made me leave Yfm which was like my baby. The management at the time did not agree but that was what the voice of the Lord wanted me to do.

The Live FM presenter added that another difficult decision she had to take was leaving 4syte TV. She mentioned that she resented the voice of God that told her to quit her job with the entertainment television station but she was left between choosing God and TV and she chose the Lord.

She admitted that it was a turbulent journey but was grateful that she chose to serve and listen to the Lord rather than appealing to people.


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