3 Things That Will Have You Running For Cover In A Relationship


Remember that wonderful feeling when you realized you were falling in love with that special someone? The butterflies you felt in your stomach when you found out they felt the same way? That guts wrenching feeling when things begun to go south and your insecurities begun to eat you alive? Lastly, the heartbreak when you both came to the same conclusion that you had to go your separate ways? Anyway, that is the usual cycle we all know about. You could be head over heels in love today and the next minute, you could be crying your heart out. Here are 3 signs that the relationship you are in could leave you running for cover.


Trust is one of the main things every successful relationship runs on. It’s said that a relationship without trust is like a car without gas. You can stay in it all you want but it won’t go anywhere. Without trust, couples tend to overthink and second guess everything the other does or says so when he or she begins to stalk you on social media to interrogate you about who liked your pictures and who tagged you in theirs or she begins to keep secrets from you or you suspect he is hiding something from you, please its either you both sit to have a meaningful conversation about your insecurities or start looking for cover.


A relationship is between two people. Not 3 or 20 or the entire school and country. When other people begin to tell you how to run your relationship, things could go very wrong. So guys, if your friends tell you that you care too much about her, please ignore them and ladies, please if your roomies begin to compare your guy to others, stop them immediately.


It’s natural for both sexes to want attention. However being too demanding can ruin a beautiful relationship .Asking for stuffs you clearly know he cannot afford and demanding too much of her time and things you know she is not ready to give would soon leave you two running for cover.
In a nutshell, these are a few of the things we should stay away from to maintain a healthy and wonderful relationship.


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