Pent Hall Week 2016: Fashion Show In Pictures

Last night, the fashion show that crowned pent hall Week on the University of Ghana Campus was  awesome. This year, team Echo House has upped their game by presenting one of the most exciting Fashion Shows to hit campus. From live band performances through top notch designers to some of the best DJ’s is the business, the show had no dull moment.

3RC_0198 3RC_0240 3RC_0251 3RC_0256 3RC_0266 3RC_0276 3RC_0283 3RC_0288 3RC_0295 3RC_0297 3RC_0304 3RC_0310 3RC_0317 3RC_0322 3RC_0332 3RC_0334 3RC_0342 3RC_0344 3RC_0346 3RC_0350 3RC_0354 3RC_0355 3RC_0360 3RC_0361 Copy of 3RC_0027 Copy of 3RC_0117 Copy of 3RC_0120 Copy of 3RC_0142 Copy of 3RC_0162 Copy of 3RC_0174 Copy of 3RC_0209 Copy of 3RC_0226 Copy of 3RC_0255 IMG_0002 IMG_0026 IMG_0027 IMG_0033 IMG_0036 IMG_0039 IMG_9869 IMG_9870 IMG_9882 IMG_9909 IMG_9916 IMG_9920 IMG_9930 IMG_9932 IMG_9933 IMG_9936 IMG_9940 IMG_9943 (2) IMG_9960 IMG_9962 IMG_9987 IMG_9998


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