Give Us The Mandate To Publish What You Charge For Performing At VGMA-George Quaye to Ghanaian Artistes.


Public Relations Officer of the VGMA Board, George Quaye has challenged Ghanaian artistes that if they agree that the monies they take for performing at the precious award ceremony be made public, they (charter house) will make public the monies they pay international artistes when they are invited.

This comes as a results of some Ghanaian artistes complaining about the fact that foreign artistes are paid huge monies to perform at the event whiles Ghanaian artistes are paid peanuts to perform on the same stage.

In an interview with Nana Aba Anamoah on State of Affairs on Ghone TV, Public Relations Officer for the VGMA Board, George Quaye mentioned that Ghanaian artistes have always asserted that Charter House has always paid foreign artistes more money whiles they, Ghanaians artistes are given something meagre, an assertion which according to him, is totally untrue.

He challenged that, if the Ghanaian artiste will agree that the monies they are paid for performing at the VGMA are made public, they will agree to publish the amount of money they pay the foreign artistes to perform.

Artistes like Shatta Wale have asserted that Charter house pay foreign artistes more money than Ghanaian artistes who perform on the same stage. All that is untrue. The papers are there and if Ghanaian artistes agree to give us the mandate to publish the monies they take, we will be grateful to publish the monies both foreign and local artistes have been taking.

On the disqualification of Shatta Wale from this year’s awards, he mentioned that, various artistes had over the years used foul language to challenge the credibility of the award scheme which that has not inured to the benefit of the scheme and it was time to get things done properly.

He noted that the board is happy about the new image of Shatta Wale but was very emphatic about the fact that the VGMA board expects him to retract all the foul things he said about the award scheme.

He mentioned  that the Shatta Movement boss posted several damning posts about organizers and is expecting that Shatta will take them down and apologize where necessary  to the board.


Charter House Bans Shatta Wale, He Reacts


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