This Is How One Nigerian Got Into A Fight With The Whole Rihanna Fandom On Twitter


Yesterday Rihanna released the mind-blowing video to her hit song “Work”. The Amazing video, over 7 minutes long is actually two-in-one with the first part shot in a Jamaican club and the second in a room. Both were shot by two different directors. The release of the video sparked conversation on social media on the awesomeness of Rihanna or not, depending on peoples impression of the video. It wasn’t long before the conversation drifted away from the video to other things directly or remotely concerning Rihanna… then the bombshell dropped

Some friends who were concerned about his general well-being started to warn him that his mic is on

By then the vultures had already descended on his carcass

So our good friend decided to save the situation by, well… explaining

At this point…



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