15 Struggles Only People Who Wear Glasses Can Relate To


Until recently, wearing glasses was the worst thing any growing child can be subjected to. It still is though, but these days you can pull off a sexy nerd look and nail it. In spite of all that, there are real struggles that people who wear glasses go through.

When you wake up at dawn to pee but you forget to put on your glasses to you walk into the wall or something you left lying around the previous night.



When you wake up in the morning and you cant find your glasses but you need your glasses to find your glasses



When you try to drink something hot or cold and it fogs up your glasses



Annoying friends holding up  their fingers in your face and asking you to count


When you have to wear 3D glasses at the cinema but you cant see without your glasses so you’ve got to wear two glasses



You try to be cool so you take them off for a few seconds and you end up squinting like an Asian


Even on days when you try to be cool and wear contacts, the handle marks are perpetually etched between your eyes and ears so people ask whether you wear glasses.


You can’t lie on your side and read in peace because the glasses will be crooked



You cant take a decent selfie without your glasses betraying you with reflections of your surroundings



Even on sunny days at the beach you couldn’t wear shades like everyone else…well unless you wanted to wear them on your glasses



You cant play any sport because… how will you explain breaking your glasses and hurting yourself?



You can’t ever manage to pull off a hard guy/girl look because… well glasses make you look soft and nerdy.



If you are a lady, wearing eye make-up is a bit redundant because your glasses will take all the glory



People keep asking whether you are completely blind without your glasses and youve got to take your glasses off to prove your point


You get so used to your glasses that even when you do not have them on, you reach to your face to adjust them



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