KNUST Ban Hall Week Celebrations Until Further Notice


According to Mr. Vincent Lomotey, who is the Public Relations Officer of KNUST, the school have placed a temporary ban on Hall week celebrations and singing of morale “Jamma’ songs on campus.

This comes up as a results of the reignited clash between the University Hall (KATANGA) and Unity Hall (CONTI), which caused the hospitalization of two students.

He stated that this is an effort to control the conduct of students in the school. However, if any hall is seeking o go ahead with its hall week, it is imperative that it contacts the Dean for approval.

If any hall wants to celebrate their week, they have to write to the Dean of Students, Mr. Kofi Owusu Darko for approval before they can go ahead with their Hall week celebration

Two students were stabbed as a results of the reignited clash between Katanga and Conti. The University hospital also confirmed that a dozen others had reported in with minor wounds.



2 Stabbed, 18 Others Injured In Renewed Katanga / Unity Hall Clash


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