Pastor Otabil Appeals To Common Sense To Rubbish Gay Marriage.

Pastor Otabil

Founder of International Central Gospel Church, Pastor Mensa Otabil, has said that he finds same sex marriage to be a senseless act. Pastor Otabil, who is also the Chancellor of Central University College, was preaching to his congregation on Valentine’s Day Sunday, February 14.

According to him, the issue of gay marriage, even if the Bible is not used, is a senseless act which does not appeal to our common sense.

Let me tell you: No matter what research proves…, common sense—I’m not even talking Bible, leave the Bible out—common sense, the sense that is common, tells you that a man marrying a man doesn’t make sense.

It doesn’t. I mean I don’t know by what sense you can ever say: Oh that is acceptable, let people love what they want.’ So if you love a stone you’ll marry a stone?

In buttressing his argument, he called on his congregation to disregard scientific research in terms of gay marriage.

It [the world] talks in very high, sophisticated language and very polished words and they throw out all kinds of big-sounding words that we haven’t heard before and they say: ‘This research said that, and that research said this and this analysis said that.’ And when they end up with what they say the research said, you’ll say: ‘So with all the research, this is what you ended up with? That a man can become a woman and a woman can become a man and then they marry? That a man can marry a man and a woman can marry a woman?

Kuulpeeps noticed that gay marriage has been a sensitive subject in Ghana, one that only President Mills, amongst the country’s presidents, was able to publicly call it illegal in Ghana. In 2012, President Mahama’s relationship with gay activist, Andrew Solomon sparked a lot of controversies as to the stance of the nation in gay related matters.

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