Photos: Bisa Kdei Sends Becca Flowers And A Cake On Live TV

Becca was on the GhToday show on GhOneTV today to talk about her career and upcoming projects. In the middle of the show,  Bisa Kdei called into the program with a Valentine message followed by a delivery of flowers and a cake, all on live TV.

The two have always said they are not dating but their actions leave much to contemplate about. On February 8th, Becca was on eTV’s The Late Nite Celebrity Show with Eddy Blay and she debunked her rumored relationship with  Bisa KDei. Bisa, on the other hand has always been evasive about the status of their relationship.

Today, he once again refuted the dating rumor when host Kafui Dey quizzed her about it. Here are pictures from the set today.

bisa kdei and becca bisa and becca bisa and beca


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