Choosing Punctuality For Growth


In business, there are two sides to time “The Consumer’s Time” and “The Producer’s Time.” Often, business owners seem to prioritize “The Producer’s Time” and place less emphasis on “The Client’s Time.” One popular saying that may have propelled this phenomenon is “better late than never.” With its meaning misconstrued – it is okay to be late and deliver quality goods – business owners have used it as a defense for unpunctuality.

Have you ever analyzed the cost of punctuality to the growth and image of your business? As an event manager who doesn’t own all the necessary equipment to produce an event, my best solution is outsourcing. I pass on some duties to some firms and hope time they deliver on time so as to have a smooth event running. However, on many occasions, I have been put under extreme stress and the fear of being disappointed because one firm or the other did not show up on time.

Ponder over these;

  1. How much stress does your client endure when you are not on time?
  2. The errors that occur because you mismanaged time and your deadline is close?
  3. The mistrust your client brews for you because you were late?
  4. How disoriented you become in a haste to satisfy a stressed and angry client?
  5. How many clients you have lost for not being punctual?

Boasting of quality products should not always be your focus, quality of service provided counts and your best bet to being seen as a good service provider is punctuality. Professionalism begins with punctuality and it dictates to your clients that you are committed to ensuring they are well satisfied. Although many clients take delight in quality products, they equally have on-time-delivery as a characteristic they seek in brands they always want to be associated with.

Keep in mind: punctuality is a powerful discipline that always determines success or failure. Make it the prime catalyst that drives your business and make frantic effort not to trade “The Client’s Time” for the satisfaction of self -“The Producer’s Time.”

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