A Legal Slaughter House’s Fight To Outshine The Lethal Firing Squad


If by the grace of God, Allah, Nature, by whatever means you seek divine help against infirmity you have been heard by your deity and haven’t had the wonderful time to be in the hands of the current breed of nurses in Ghana, hallelujah!

What am about to share with you is not to denigrate the work they do in any way or form. I am only a citizen who has had the opportunity to get close to nurses, do some hospital research work and observe with pain the way patients are treated. If you haven’t seen some yet, wait till you are sick or a relative is then you can confirm or deny.
Let’s start from the foundation. I have a faint idea how and what criteria is used in selecting individuals into nursing training institutions lately but whatever it is, there really needs to be a change. I mean if we deem it the noble profession as it is, then the kind of products out here in Ghana nowadays are not noble. Yes they are not because I think hunger in this country is forcing a lot of people into professions where they best misfit.

Some mates of mine who never had the slightest idea are now nurses and their best explanation for the choice is job security. Can you trust your life in such a hand? It so happened that on a normal day I happened to be in a government where a child needed to be made to vomit after “Anusalt” had been given to this child to swallow by a nurse.

We can joke with everything in this country but it looks like subliminally we are treading on a path that its consequences have no cure; death! Many more will have to suffer, many more have to die. Let’s face reality now. We are somehow acting like a man who drops a bead in the center of Kakum National Park and waits to hear an echo.
We can’t continuously accept as a norm the acceptance of people who have no science background whatsoever into a sector that needs one. The payment of bribes before getting into most nursing institutions have become as normal as policemen taking monies from drivers unduly. We are the culprits because it’s us and no other than us. We are the ones who, as typical of Ghanaians throw our hands in the air claiming “Onyame bey3” whilst God is busy saving lives elsewhere.

This piece might be all I can do but I know as it enters into the ether as a record, one day, just one day maybe someone will chance upon this and let the nation come to a realization that we are killing our citizens’ right from the day these disrespectful, unqualified entities are adored as nurses.

God bless Ghana! Thanks for reading.

Ok. I’m weaving my web.


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