The Real Nation Wreckers

Most probably at the sight of this article title, you are thinking you already know the answer; it’s the politicians! Who else could it be with all their antics?

In Ghana, where I come from, a small country on the West Coast of Africa, as described by some Fox News journalist this is not the case. The politicians are bad but I bet and hope there comes a day when we debate nationally about those who really are killing this country while they sing the national anthem.
I’m sure some of you might have watched the cancer-causing revelations at the Public Accounts Committee hearings in recent times. This is not the first and assuredly it won’t be the last. What happened to those who were culpable in those that have been held before this one? Nothing!
Typical “Animal Farm” where some legs are good and others are bad. I mean how can all these revelations go on and yet we sip on our wines thinking it’s the politicians who are destroying the nation? Just walk into the Ghanaian public office, the man or woman you meet seated there, ready to take bribe and dupe the country is the nation wrecker you are looking for.

If upon all the auditors in the various government institutions these financial malfeasance occur over and over again then I still stand by the declaration that the nation wreckers are not the politicians. 47,000 ghost names, $50,000 for one laptop and some other ridiculous things that are said at the PAC should by now trigger an expansion at the Ankarful, Nsawam, Kumasi prisons. Then again you remember that it’s the “Animal Farm”.

Maybe all that we will leave the coming generation will be that you better be part of the animals with four legs and not two.

God bless Ghana! Thanks for reading.

Ok. I’m weaving my web.


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