Gitmo Scare: 4 Yemenis Arrested At Kotoka With Fake Passports/Visas


Ghana’s Immigration personnel have arrested and hauled four Yemeni nationals  before an Accra circuit court for allegedly entering the country with fake French passports and visas.

They are Esmail Yahya Zey ad aka Evra Allerson, Gaafar Eissa Yahya Amer aka Ciro Carlos, Waleed Ahmed Yahya aka Debuchya Allard – all students – and Eissa Yahya Airier, a businessman. ‘ .

The suspects have said, through an interpreter, that they are not guilty of any crime but they are yet to state exactly why they decided to hide their true identity.

Many have expressed concerns that they may be linked to the two Yemenis that government accepted from Gitmo, particularly after  Aller­son and Carlos had travelled several times to Djibouti in Africa before their trip to Ghana.

Dji­bouti was a base for Al-Qaeda activists, from where they carried out operations in Yemen.

However, immigration officials have said that they entered the coun­try as far back as November 2015, before the suspected two Gitmo detainees arrived in Ghana.

Even so, concerns have still been raised after President John Mahama confirmed that discussions to accept the Al-Qaeda detainees took about a year to finalize.

Kuulpeeps will follow up on the case when the court hears the case again on February 15, 2016.



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