Strike Alert: Nurses Put Their Tools Down Today

NURSES STRIKEOver 7,000 nurses belonging to the Coalition of Unpaid Nurses and Midwives, are embarking on an indefinite nationwide strike from today, to demand unpaid salaries. This mean, most nurses in major hospitals will be absent today.

Health ministry had earlier announced that it had issued clearance for over 7,000 nurses, however, the National Coordinator of the Coalition of Unpaid Nurses and Midwives, Douglas Adu-Fokuo has said that only 30 percent of the 7,000 were paid.

Adu-Fokuo  further explained on TV3 this morning that

We are embarking on this strike because the negotiations we were having with government officials and authorities involved have failed and we can’t continue. Everyday, we are given unfulfilled promises; enough of the promise. This time we want to see action. We want to see the money reflecting in our accounts before we call off the strike, if not we will still be in our homes and we won’t go to work.

Last year, nurses across the country went on strike over similar salary concerns for a week. This affected operations in various hospitals as doctors were left handicapped.


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