What Is Your Inspiration?


My inspiration is the man that I see very early in the morning at 6:00am selling devotional books on the highway aspiring to change the lives of people and to help people follow God through the sale of these books. His swift walking, as sweat drops from his face to the ground all the same looking smart. His ways teaches me that every big thing in life has a small beginning.

My inspiration are the women who wake up at dawn to prepare for work. The get up get things in order plan their day, cook their food, bath their children get them prepared for school and also get to work as early as possible to meet the needs of their customer who are waiting for them at the market places. Sitting under the hot sun they serve their customers. They do not care about their needs as at that moment, they care about satisfying their customers. The inspire me and teach me never to be selfish but to also think about the welfare of other people.

My inspiration is the grade A student who walks to school in worn-out clothes early in the morning. He is going to acquire knowledge and skills in order to become someone prominent in future. He teaches me that determination is the key to success. Your today might not be your tomorrow.

My inspiration is the single mum who works hard to provide for her children. Even though the father has left them she does not break down into sadness and misery but rather she stands strong for her children to look up to her and see hope and a bright future tomorrow. She teaches me to stand firm and face trials and to overcome temptations.

My inspiration guides my ways and my path and makes me remember where am coming from and where I am going to.



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