Sarkodie Talks About Ghana Music And ‘Adonai’ Song



Sarkodie recently had an interview with UK’s DJ Abrantee, where he talked about Ghana’s music industry, the song which made him a hit and how he thinks the industry can develop.

According to him, Ghanaian artistes are doing well than most artistes from other countries. He argued that Ghana has a good percentage of artistes making it big.

If you take countries like Togo and I ask you to name one artist, you will struggle. It’s not that bad. Nigerians and American’s are the same. Our attitudes and approach are different. Nigerians made us realize you can’t sit down till everything is fine, you have to invade other markets

Even so, he called on people with ideas and leadership skills to invest in the music industry so that there can be a form of control and coordination.

If any Ghanaian in any big position is watching this, if he can do something should come back and help because that’s what happened in Nigeria.  Because our industry is not controlled, that’s the bad thing about our industry. Everyone is just being independent so when you shine you are just on your own. And it’s hard to take advice from anyone because you have hustled so hard. But the if people come and control it they can tell you the kind of sound you need and more.


Speaking about the songs that created an international recognition for him, he mentioned Adonai with Castro, whiles chipping in that You Go Kill Me also made waves.

 I’ll have to say Adonai, with Castro, it took me everywhere. Before Adonai it was “You Go Kill Me”. I was still a Ghanaian artist but Adonai took me to a new level. I tweeted Adonai just once because I see myself as a rapper and if it was a rap song I will be tweeting it like crazy but to be frank, the way it blew up and trended really took me by surprise.


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