Death Toll For Meningitis In Ghana Hits 32; These are The Signs To Look Out For

Dr Victor Bampoe, who is the Deputy Minister of Health has indicated that 32 people have died out of 142 cases of Meningitis outbreak in the Northern, Ashanti and Brong Ahafo regions of Ghana. The numbers keep going up everyday and it is imperative that we know the causes and symptoms of this infection so that we can be on the look out.

Meningitis is caused by bacteria, virus and fungi. It is a relatively rare infection that affects the delicate membranes which covers the brain and spinal cord. It is actually not new in Ghana.
The Public Health Sector of the Ministry of Health has assured Ghanaians that the outbreak is under control. However, risk of infection is minimized when people avoid contact with infected people, stay hydrated, get enough rest and avoid crowded areas. For those on campuses, try to minimize contact in populated lecture rooms. Also take note that infections spread faster through sneezing, coughing, kissing, sharing utensils and possessions (toothbrush etc)
You must seek medical attention when you start seeing these signs;
 Feeling rash on the eye, stiff Neck with Pain, when you become abnormally sleepy/bored, severe headache, constant vomiting, seizures and greatly delirious or confused.
There is a vaccine for the infection so ideally, contact your physician NOW!


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