Should Mr. Eazi Be Considered For Ghana Music Awards Nomination?


Calls for nominations for the 2016 edition of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards were made on New Year’s day. In the midst of the controversies surrounding Shatta Wale and his many issues with Charterhouse; the organizers of the Awards scheme and Edem offering to host the event, one very important issue has sprung up.

Discovery/New Artiste of the Year is one of the highlights of the Awards ceremony and people are wondering whether one of the breakthrough acts of 2015, Mr. Eazi is eligible for nomination.

For one thing, Mr. Eazi is not Ghanaian. Even though he is a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, the Bankulize singer is originally Nigerian. For what we know, he commutes a lot between Ghana and Nigeria which shouldn’t be an issue if the ambiguity didn’t create the confusion about his eligibility.

One major argument that goes to support any claims he might have to potential nomination is his record label. Mr. Eazi is signed to Meister Music, a Ghanaian-owned record label. With most records produced belonging to record labels the world over, the claim could be that, his songs were produced, released and owned by a Ghanaian label thereby making his music and in extension himself a viable candidate.

These raise a lot of other issues concerning nomination criteria. What makes a song or an artiste eligible for nomination. Is it the artistes nationality, country of residence, where the record label is incorporated or where the music is most popular?

The call for nominations comes to a close at the end of the month and somewhere after that we will know which artistes have made it.


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