9 Reasons Why Ice Prince Shouldn’t Break Up With Maima; According To Women









The Ice Prince – Maima saga has raised a lot of controversy on social media and many people have suggested that the relationship has to future so Ice Prince should cut his losses and bow out gracefully. Kuulpeeps spoke to a few ladies on the street and asked if there is any reason for Ice Prince to stick with Maima in the face of this huge scandal.

Mimi, 26

If Akin is willing to put his marriage and family on the line for this girl, it means there is something good in her worth fighting for, she’s probably a really good woman or amazing in bed. Either-ways Ice Prince shouldn’t let her go, she is Ghanaian Jollof  *wink*

Linda, 21

They have been together for a while and this is just a test so they should stick together, at this point the relationship can only get stronger

Beryl, 28

He sounds so confident about her, so surely he must be seeing something the rest of the world is not seeing so he should shut his ears to opinions of other people and pull his woman close.

Julitta, 23

He should leave her because she hasn’t left him yet

clarissa, 25

This is an allegation, he should make any decisions based on it. He should remember the things about her that he loves and stay –

Yayra, 24

She is an incredibly beautiful girl and there many guys waiting go snatch her up if Ice Prince lets go. Moreover, he already put his foot in his mouth when he stood up for her on social media so he should stay with her to save face. They can still have a wonderful relationship.

Paula, 26

If Maima put ice price on SOCIAL MEDIA and not Akin, it’s obvious who she cares about enough to show to the world. If anything at all, Akin is the side-nigga trying to be relevant. Ice Prince should pay him dust. Dating a celebrity is a lot of pressure for many people. If Maima risked putting her whole life under a microscope by putting their relationship out there, she knew scandals like this were bound to show up. Who knows what Ice prince himself has been up to? He should consider this a draw and go back to her.

Ama, 23

I don’t see what all this is about, every girl has a sugar daddy on the side and young men everywhere understand and even expect it. Ice Prince couldn’t possibly handle all that hotness alone so he should stop being greedy and share

Dede, 26

Ice prince should stay because he is an ass who doesn’t know when he has been taken for-granted. Cos he’s pussy-whipped, lol



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