Twitter Explains Yesterday’s Six-hour Fault; Denies Been Hacked

Twitter Explains Yesterday's Six-hour Fault

Twitter has put out a statement to explain yesterday’s six-hour fault which kept many people wondering if they had been hacked by external hackers. According to the social network,  a botched software update  caused its service to become unavailable or glitchy for much of Tuesday.

Twitter Explains Yesterday's Six-hour Fault

BBC reported that it was contacted by a US-based group of hackers who attempted to claim responsibility. Twitter, however, did not comment to the claim when they were asked about it.

The social network rather kept to the claim that an “internal code change” had led to the problem, which lasted six hours 10 minutes. It has reverted the change, which fixed the issue.

During the six hours, many tweeps were unable to log in, or if they could, were unable to make searches or post tweets during the affected period.

News yesterday indicated that Twitter’s shares fell by nearly 7% following the disruption.




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