Power Ministry Explains Why You Have Been Paying So Much For Electricity

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If your household has paid unreasonable amount for the electricity in the past, the Deputy Minister of Power, John Jinapor says that it will not happen again. He has given an explanation as well as an assurance that the excess you paid has either been credited or will be credited to you soon.

In December 2015, PURC announced an increase in utility tariffs, with a 59.2 percent increase for electricity and 67.2 percent for water.

According to him, the system at ECG was configured to rise from the 1st of every month but the  tariff adjustment took effect on the 15th , so it calibrated as if it was charging customers on the 1st.

Currently, ECG has a prepayment metre customer base of 531,014. Out of that number, the power provider has credited back about 333,902 so it’s in the process of rectifying the situation.

The Ministry is assuring customers that measures are being put together to ensure that such a situation does not occur again.



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