Reactions To The Ice Prince – Maima Scandal; Ghana vs Nigeria


The cheating allegations against Maima were brought up on social media and Ice Prince also took to social media to defend bae. It wasn’t long before those on the flanks took the matter up to express their opinions, sentiments, misgivings and theories, meanwhile Maima is silent on the matter. It has quickly escalated into a Ghana vs Nigeria thing where everyone agreed at a point and diverged at another point.

Lets begin with the middle ground.

Ghanaians and Nigerians agreed that

Mr. Akin is the only one having fun an all of this…

If ICE PRINCE ZAMANI was cheated on, regular boys stand no chance

Ice Prince is handling issues in a matured way

Ice Prince may not be talking things as calmly as his social media posts suggest


Ghanaians are not very emotional about this; they are making light of the situation, after all Nigerians are the cousins we love to hate so if any of them is hurt, its a win for us; if a Ghanaian caused the hurt, an even bigger win.


Nigerians are outraged that Ice Prince stands by his girl in the face of such overwhelming evidence. They believe he should leave her to sink alone. They also believe that he is defending her because she has him charmed






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