The Fresher’s Maiden University Examinations Experience

Fears over GCSE exam shake up...File photo dated 10/6/2005 of school exams in progess. Teenagers will no longer be required to sit all their GCSEs after two years of study, under radical plans to break courses into 'bite sized' modules. PA wire

By Joseph ‘Aqweci’ Ofori

One afternoon, amidst the nervousness and impatience, I repeated what I had been doing for about 2 weeks; I checked my admission status and like a dream, my surname preceded the first beautifully. As the cliché goes, “this calls for celebration”, we made a bit of joyful noise and took some beverages. Fast forward to the day I settled on campus in a hall I secured; what a great feeling I had as I realized that truly no authoritarian housemaster would be checking my movements. The freedom of choice of eating what I wanted when I felt like was blissful. I was present at a couple of parties… and man, I’d never witnessed an uncountable number of pretty ladies all located in one community at the same damn time.

After a couple of lectures, I was hit with a couple of assessments/tests. I slayed them with ease because my lecture notes were just a handful. Then came a week when I had to face my fearful courses in my first semester on the same day, including two others the same week. Fam, my handkerchiefs really got wet with sweat.

Time for vacation arrived, and the friends I made from senior levels waved goodbye. The close ones told me to stay strong for the battle ahead. Writing my exams just after Christmas was going to be a first time experience. Given an X’mas break, I left with all my books and lecture notes to the house. At home, I tried never to miss church. As usual, a lot of invitation cards and calls came through. I wish I could’ve completely turned away from intoxication, but there were some of the parties I just couldn’t afford to be absent. Whilst breaking bottles and emptying khebab sticks, visions of myself in the examination room flashed before my eyes. I thought to myself bemusedly if these could help me to build my GPA.

I woke up each morning knowing the day’s vivid date as it was a countdown to my first major exams in the university. With all these natural alarms pressurizing me, I read through all my notes and revised them effectively. I was ushered into the new year with a mind-boggling paper. An experience I’d not like to revisit is when I left my ID card in my locker and had to return in the middle of the road to grab it. In the exams room, even if the invigilator left, these CCTV cameras wouldn’t let a guy ask for the answers to 3 un-shaded MCQ’s.

My oh my, I did my very best, and as the saying goes, the rest was left to history.


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