Season 2 Of “An African City” Out and It Is Neither Free Nor On YouTube


“An African City” is a television and a web series created as a Ghanaian version of Sex and the City created for YouTube. The story follows the lives of five single young women of African descent who have recently resettled in Accra, after living abroad for most of their lives.

The first season received high reviews for excellent production and realistic story telling. It made waves all across  the world especially for its portrayal of Ghanaian fashion and its broaching of the sexuality of African Women, which is quite a taboo topic. It is still available on YouTube at

The second season has been highly anticipated as fans look forward to the characters maneuvering their way around in their homeland where they are now strangers, and getting used to the idiosyncrasies of their kin.

The second season will be out on 24th January but will be hosted on VHX where viewers have to subscribe and pay $19.99 to watch it.


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