Do You Know Your Real Age?

age 2


For the benefit of us who only know about sperms and ova (eggs) because our biology masters mentioned them; welcome to the age test.

Let’s talk about the sperm first. Those guys with big heads and long tails. Boys’ bodies do not begin to produce sperm until they have begun puberty. The age at which boys begin puberty is very variable and differs.

Did you know that a human female already has all the oocytes (the thing the sperm entered for you to be here) that she will make in her entire life before she is even born? Technically, you existed in your mother before she was born.

Now let’s balance the equation; your dad started puberty probably at 15 but impregnated your mum at 30 while she was 26. Moreover you are half of your mum and dad. 23 chromosomes from each. Charley dawg the science, the thing be say you be 50/50.

It leaves me wondering if you’ve ever thought about how old you are taking into consideration, you’re as old as your mum even plus the years before she was born. Then add the age of you when you entered your mum as a big-headed sperm.

If I’ve succeeded in confusing you, Hallelujah. The next time you disrespect someone for being younger, remember he/she might be older than you are for clearly I bet no one knows their real age.

How Old Are You?

Ok. I’m weaving my web. Thanks for reading.


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