4 Things Legon Students Should Be Grateful To Prof. Aryeetey For

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Even though it is hard for many Legon students to admit, the term of Prof. Aryeetey has given the school a huge face lift and has put Legon in the news for many flattering and not-so-flattering reasons. Don’t Be a hater and appreciate this piece with a lot of objectivity, you may thank Prof. Aryeetey in your heart for all his hard work.


One of his priorities was to solve the accommodation challenges that students had been facing for several years. Rooms meant for four people contained over ten students with all their belongings and cooking utensils, there were no guarantees of getting a room in Traditional halls for four consecutive years and sanitation was very poor. Prof. Aryeetey constructed 4 new halls for 7000 students and reduced numbers in traditional halls


He also increased the number of students admitted annually for both undergraduate and post-graduate courses. This was made possible because of the new accommodation facilities. Basically, If not for prof Aryeetey, you may not have even gained admission to UG to be hating on him. Think about that!

24 hour reading room

Studying used to be hectic during exams week because all lecture halls are closed and the Balme Library closes at midnight. But in his time he built the 24 hour reading room with internet access and security for all the serious students.

Academic Standards

Legon used to be known for its lax academic demands. It used to be said that first class students in Legon spent most of their time partying yet they came out with flying colors. Prof Aryeetey in his first year changed the grading system, thereby daring students to still party and pass. Even though the change left many students unhappy and disgruntled, it certainly forced them to spend more time with their books and make their school proud.




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