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Born Desmond Kwesi Blackmore, and known in music circles as D-Black, he is often acclaimed as Ghana’s Puff Diddy by some notable Ghanaian rappers. Yes, he really deserves that adulation since his rap music may be mediocre yet his business credentials are just peerless. Also, US artist called Sean Combs but popularly known as Puff Diddy, who had an estimated fortune of $735 million in 2015 is a rapper, producer, actor and entrepreneur.

Image: ghanagist.com
Image: ghanagist.com
To be frank, D-Black, the “Vera” hitmaker is a quasi-embodiment of Puff Diddy, the legendary American musician. Okay, the 30 year old Ghanaian rapper who celebrated his birthday 3 days ago has an incredible businesslike success. For it is worth sharing and will definitely empower the Ghanaian youths to aim at such dizzy heights.

Business should flow through your veins

Do you remember when Ghana’s best DJ, DJ Black, once revealed that D-Black is a bad rapper but a good businessman? Ha-ha, he was relatively right in all sincerity though. Besides, Dr. Rob Yeung, a famous business psychologist, once alluded to the the undeniable fact that you do not need to have higher academic qualifications in the field of business to be able to become an entrepreneur.

Moreover, D-Black possesses an unequalled business acumen which puts him on a higher level regarding the business of entertainment here in Ghana. He is the CEO of Black Avenue Works, that is, Black Avenue Muzik, Black Avenue TV, Black Avenue Clothing and Livewire Events. Look! This successful entrepreneur conducts business like nobody’s business in our creative arts fraternity – it stands out a mile.

Let super branding be your foremost power

D-Black is mostly described as an average rapper, but don’t you wonder why he is still a force to be reckoned with in the business of music in Ghana? The answer is simple, folks! D-Black has got an exquisite brand identity that is so valuable and wields some economic power.

No wonder in 2013, he was rumoured to have landed a $150k deal with Ghanaian IT giant, RLG Communications. Again, D-Black was appointed as UN’s Celebrity Ambassador in 2010 for Ghana. And he is also the brand ambassador for Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka. For if his brand value was as cheap as dirt, would he have secured the aforementioned deals?

Be a jack of all trades, but most importantly, a master of something

Hey, yours truly is a gifted writer, but I practise the rudiments of IT in blogging. I am also a connoisseur of creative arts, a freelancer, a teenage activist etc. However, my core competence is creative writing, or I am a master of creative writing yet I do all the stuff I just listed too.

For D-Black is a jack of several trades such as rap music, promotion, filmmaking, fashion, music production, and the like. But he claims his central preoccupation is events organisation. Indeed, that is what he is very good at since his outfit has successfully organised a couple of entertainment events of national character.

Maintain an endearing personality

From the standpoint of a music fan, the endearing personality of D-Black dazzles his fans, especially the ladies. In fact, D-Black’s personality as an entertainment icon is absolutely enchanting. Above all, he is simply a fashionista or a debonair!

Stay focused and remain persistent

D-Black Da Ghana Bwoy has always clinged on in the business of entertainment over the years. He ignores his detractors and focuses on his unique strengths rather than his weaknesses. In spite of people’s perception that was a poor rapper, he persisted in rap music until he got a BET award nomination for Best International Act-Africa in 2011. That is a feather in his cap!


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