Update On The Wisa Indecent Exposure: Wanlov Comments, Judge Adjourns Case

Wisa at D2R

After his indecent exposure at Citi FM’s Decemba 2 Rememba, Wisa has been criticized and ridiculed on various social media platforms. The law has also decided to take its course on him as he currently stands accused of indecent exposure.

An Accra Circuit Court adjourned his case  to January 25 after a hearing today because the State failed to present a witness.

His counsel, Jerry Avenorgbor argued that what the artiste did was for the “beauty of entertainment” but people did not get the drift. He revealed later in an interview that the penis he displayed was a fake.

If you know what a dildo is and what you can get from different sex shops all over the world then you can understand where we are coming from basically…what you saw, to you it’s a dick or looks like a dick. Can you prove that it was a dick?

Latest to comment on the issue is Wanlov of the FOKN Bois fame. Wanlov faced similar criticism when he showed his manhood to TV presenter Delay on the DELAY Show. According to him, he has no problem with what Greid Wisa did but the moral fabric of Ghana makes it difficult for the populace to accept such an exposure.

 As human as I am , I don’t have a problem with what Wisa did but as a Ghanaian, I do have issues with it. The reason is , Ghana is a country that takes culture and religion seriously unlike other countries who would prefer focusing on other things that will improve the lives of its citizenry.

Wisa has already released a track to apologize for the indecent exposure.


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