5 Times Prof Ernest Aryeetey Drove Legon Students Crazy


As the term of Prof Ernerst Aryeetey comes to an end, even his haters will have to admit that his reign has been the most eventful. In his 6 years he successfully managed to piss off students, alumni, government and people living around Madina and Achimota. Here are five times his policies made University of Ghana students call for his head on a spike.


Current students of the University of Ghana do not know that hall week jams used to go on all night! Yup! Until a certain new Vice Chancellor declared a Cinderella curfew. Regardless of which big artiste is performing, all jams should end at 12am. Commonwealth hall at the beginning decided to flout this order and continued jamming after midnight and the Dean of students came to pull the plugs…literally. By the time the Dean was done blocking their shine, he returned to to see his car totally vandalized… shocker!

Anti-Christ Invasion Of Sarbah Field

Even though Sarbah field was originally created for sporting activities, every student knows that the grounds have been sanctified for angelic visitations and other chriff-exclusive activities. It therefore came as great joy to witches and shock to Christians when the grounds was declared out of bounds for deliverance, demon casting, prayer meetings and other highly spiritual activities. A Sarbah Field Vigilante was established to enforce the ban on praying and noise-making on the field after 10pm.

House to house campaign

In the first year of his reign prof. Aryeetey embarked on a listening tour to all the halls on campus, which was aimed at listening to the problems of all the thousands of students on campus and possibly solving them. It didn’t surprise anyone when it evolved into a dramatic monologue which climaxed with the “education is not for the poor” speech. This didn’t go down well with the student body.



This was the most painful. After students had chosen their respective courses and were thankful for finally escaping English, Maths and Science, bamm! The VC introduces Required Courses which you cannot graduate without passing. People had to sit and re-sit these courses throughout all their four years in Legon.


Toll Booth

Even the government could not stop Prof. Aryeetey from carrying this out. He introduced stickers for staff and students (at an unbelievable rate) and a toll rate for all cars passing through the campus. No amount of outcry from students or threats from government could stop him. Government had to eventually bulldoze the toll booth down.