How The Culture Of Synergy Can Make Everyone’s Life Easier


For the past five years I’ve observed how my mum and her sister always get upset when their cloth purposed for a wedding or a funeral is unduly delayed by a seamstress. I ask them why they don’t stop giving it to the same line of people who cause them those delays and they ask me if I don’t realize, that’s how they all are. Really? Maybe it didn’t bother me till I went picking up my cloth from some tailor after two months.

Ok so I sit on the fence thinking about this and something hits my big spidery head. We have unemployed graduates who did fashion and designing among sewing and things right?

Now, imagine, just imagine if it was possible to bring about 50 of such minds and craft hands together under one roof with each specialized in cutting the hands on the dress, the hems of the skirts, the collar of the men’s wear, the pockets, the buttons fixer and the finishing inspector all on an hour schedule to get every cloth done within 60 minutes for clients. Tell me you won’t pay double for such a service if you could buy a cloth for a wedding Friday night and was sure you will be neatly dressed in it at 09:00 because your measurements were taken at 07:59. If I confused you that’s good. Darkness is good for the light to shine brighter.

What I mean is that, can’t we get a group of fashion designers to make it their standard that you get back your finished sewn cloth within an hour after your measurements have been taken? Take a clue from the soldier ants, I mean these small guys carry out big tasks as killing animals 10 times their size combined just by doing individual bite each.

I think the attitude of each tailor or seamstress trying to make his/her own money by accumulating peoples’ dresses can be twisted into a production line if only we will stop weeding with cutlasses and hoes whilst others are using combined harvesters, I mean let’s not be greedy for once and synchronize abilities and see if it won’t be worth a billion. Where are the unemployed graduates? Anyone got a big head like mine?

Ok. I’m weaving my web.

Thanks for reading.


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