Meet Okuntakinte, Ghana’s first Afro-electric dance musician

Music in Ghana evolves each passing day, as each generation comes with a new breeze of rhythms that in a way or the other challenge the course of melody and the definition of Ghanaian music. In the midst of this emerged the birth of a new sensation and the introduction of soothing, eclectic dance music called Afro EDM. Afro EDM is simply evolved from the global sensational genre called EDM (Electric Dance Music). EDM is a musical genre characterized by a broad range of percussive electronic instruments with synthesized rhythms. From this genre a creatively ambitious Ghanaian boy bythe

name Okuntakinte, strongly inspired by the love of drums, Ghanaian heritage and everything African, is leading the charge in Afro-electric dance music.
Okuntakinte seeks to dent the crater with his music and to carry the torch of the legends (Osibisa, Fela Kuti, Mariam Makeba etc.), who have come before him. Okuntakinte who has 2 songs to his credit is slowly but steadily pushing the limits and forging a deep sense of Africa in his art. He seeks to cross borders with his music and sear the global musical terrain with sounds from Ghana. Growing up, he was selected to sing the National Anthem when President Bush visited, and since then he has come a long way considering he started serious music just about 5 months ago.

As far as creativity and originality go, Okuntakinte comes with a mixed bag of fine art, painting, writing and singing which makes him the perfect vanguard to champion the course of the new genre. If anything is clear, his song ‘Summer of X’ plays on the uncertainty of love and takes you through his thoughts with a video that clearly gets you to not just appreciate but understand the thinking that guides his art.

‘Melanin Girls’ talks of his hate-love affair and doesn’t end short of him stretching his vocal potential with all he’s got. The song celebrates dark skinned girls and brings to light the beauty that radiates from being black. For the future of music and Ghanaian music for that matter, Okuntakinte provides a great springboard for the adventurous while giving the up and coming dreamer the hope of better things to come. Okuntakinte has come to stay and in the short period of delving fully into music, he made it into the final nominee list for YFM’s Campus Star Search. His nomination came as a result of the outcry of fans and supporters on social media insisting he be nominated. In addition to this, he graced the stage of the just ended annual Sabolai Radio festival, thrilling the audience to live soothing music.

Okuntakinte goes out of his way to make music out of passion, creativity and brilliantly crafts his tunes to define a particular emotion he wants to communicate across. If music is the food to the soul, Okuntakinte is the chef in soul’s kitchen. Check him out on YouTube HERE or follow him on social media at @okuntkinte


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