6 Unique Ways to Achieve a Successful 2016 !


How was the Year 2015 for you? Was it successful? How prepared are you towards the Year 2016? It’s a new start. Sure there will be challenges, but all in all, things are moving along well enough for any smart person to take on the world, and achieve success and happiness.
With a few simple actions, you’ll be ready to march into the New Year with purpose and resolve. Here are 6 unique steps you can take to help make 2016 your greatest year ever.

1. Identify your obstacles
Obstacles are anything that avoids or prevent s us from achieving our goals and objectives we set or seek to achieve. Many of life’s obstacles aren’t complicated or even difficult to overcome, but they do require focus and commitment. Start by honestly assessing 2015 to determine who or what got in the way of your success. Chances are a few of these same obstacles are threatening your happiness in 2016 as well. Put your mind to it that you would overcome these identified obstacles. Start with the obstacles where you have the most control: your own bad habits.


2. Plan activities for every single day.
Another major step you can take to make 2016 a prosperous one filled with gaining opportunities, promotions, academic success is to be organized. Meaning plan every single activity or schedule them before you step out. If its work, know the various things you’d be engaged in during the day, times you would be free and what to do during those times. With students especially tertiary students we tend to have lots of time on our hands when there is no lecture or group meeting to attend to. Plan your day well, whether to visit the library for a research work, to read a novel, visit a friend etc. And allocate the time you would spend on each activity so they don’t exceed to the times allocated for others.


3. Be Time Conscious
Most of the time we tend not to be time conscious, which can be a major obstacle in achieving the goals and targets we set for ourselves for the New Year. One major step we can take that would help elevate us, set us apart from our colleagues and friends is to time conscious in every activity we embark on.


4. Invest In Yourself.
One way to be successful in 2016 is to invest in yourself, not only restricted to education. Irrespective of the field you find yourself in, you should set targets to improve your knowledge, skill every single day. Be ready to learn something new, whether from your lecturer, Course mate, Working colleague or your Boss at work. Workshops, capacity building programs, reading wide can also help immensely. I am always happiest when I am learning. Mastering a challenging skill boosts confidence and creates a sense of accomplishment. Figure out a couple of new skills that will boost your profile and usefulness to those around you. Budget the time in 2016 to ensure you have the necessary hours to make it happen. Regardless of your position or business, self-improvement brings satisfaction and strength.


5. Develop a strong Brainpower.
Brainpower is the ability to think intelligently. In the year 2016 if you want to be smart, get good results, you have to improve your brain power, not only restricted to academics, work but life from a general perspective. Get serious about developing your creativity in 2016. It will help you solve problems and grow.


6. Pay more Attention to Your Health
More often we tend to focus so much attention on chasing career goals, achieving First Class and others neglecting our health. Remember; Your Health is your wealth. If your Health is not in the right shape you cannot achieve the goals or even enjoy the rewards after achieving them. Imagine not being able to wake up and walk to work, a lecture, meet a friend or a colleague just because you are stuck in bed with ailment or you have been admitted to the hospital. It is prudent that we pay attention more to our health, take measures to improve upon it, whether through regular exercises, health check-ups to know how the body is performing and more.

By adhering to these ways and steps you are sure to achieve a fruitful and successful 2016! Happy New Year!



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